Ploom Studios’ mission is to establish personal relationships with small businesses, helping them to determine and execute their communication needs. We use ingenuity to find solutions for any budget.


Many first impressions are now made through the web. These interactions can be cold and generic without planning. Establishing personalized connections with customers distinguishes small businesses from larger corporate entities. Technology, used properly, can morph the generic impression to a personalized one.


As a small business owner myself, I know the limited budgets available to a company working to establish a customer base and keep this in mind when setting my rates.

I can provide you with training, templates, and components that allow you to do your own updates. You can provide new content to your customers without paying for every new revision.


The best designs keep solutions simple. They must first function flawlessly but become more interesting when infused with a touch of wit or delight. I value curiosity, a sense of history, a collaborative spirit, a good story, and craftsmanship.